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Sundays at Living Waters Church

Our main service are on Sundays

Mornings (10.30 am – 11.40 am)

Everybody is welcome to join us from 10am for pre-service teas, coffees and a time to encourage each other.

Families are welcome as Lighthouse Kids runs alongside the main service.

Service starts with some songs of Worship. We have a team who lead the service, including drums, keyboards and lead-singers. They help us with our Worship

Everyone is welcome to join-in as all the words are up on the big screen

Our songs are contemporary Christian songs.

The Word

After the songs, one of our Pastors delivers The Word. This is a chance to think about how God  works in all of our lives. One of our Pastors speaks to the whole congregation about everyday issues but centered around key messages from The Bible.

We end the service with some more songs of Worship. Then there is another chance for some fellowship with each other.